Due to my complete degree in Biology and my family’s background in international development aid, I have come, since a young age, into contact with projects related to sustainability and community empowerment. This has allowed me to travel several times to different areas and communities in the world. In particular in the African continent. During my travels, I experienced that people tend to help and support each other. Even in the most challenging situations, I came into contact with the tolerance, respect, and caring of people. These experiences have shown me that human beings are fundamentally good. In my work, I refer to my encounters and feelings with local communities and explore the possibilities of making my memories and emotions as tangible as possible. Here I have the goal to inspire people. Not only to enrich their own lives with positive experiences but also to support a positive image of mankind in society. After working with photography and paintings revolving around classical figurative art presented in a contemporary manner, I currently focus on a more expressive style. Here I explore how composition, shape, volume, and plasticity can contribute to the observations and emotions I want to depict. Beyond my paintings, my body of work also includes drawings on paper, linocuts and since 2021 I investigate how my work can be further developed in 3d. Such as in sculptures and portraits made out of clay.

Artist Statement
For centuries negative views on humanity have played a role in Western culture. Think of religions that see human beings as sinful or environmentalists who see human beings as a plague. Today the negative view of mankind seems to have become dominant in society. This can be observed in the news, where the media concentrate increasingly on negativity between people and conflict rather than what connects us. This negative perspective distorts our representation of reality and lets fear guide us instead of optimism, influencing our attitude and behavior towards people in our surroundings. As Rutger Bregman describes in his book; our negative view of humanity is a nocebo. If we expect the worst of each other, we will get it. And this while people show a lot of good in everyday life. Living and working in different parts of the world has shown me that there are other ways to live and interact with each other. It has shown me that human beings are fundamentally good. Therefore, I worry about the increasingly negative image of humanity and feel it is time for a different view. With the perspective “Man will become better when you show what he is like” (Anton Chekhov’s) I want to contribute to a positive image about human nature. In this way, I want to place my experiences and art in context with current themes and challenges in our society.

Instagram: @annanunes.portaits